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Jean Gonzalez is an accomplished writer, who has been recognized by many professional writers. Ross Nehan retired writer for Los Angeles Times and Baseballs Hall of Fame winner has more then once commented on jeans writing skills. Jean is a polished speaker and has delivered amazing presentations for many business engagements as well as funeral eulogies. Jean is the voice of most of our business videos, here at Her ability to write and deliver fun descriptive copy for our clients never seases to amaze all of us, at

 Sal Gonzalez is the Staffs, Videographer, & Post production

 designer, at He believe in team work. Sal knows his dedicated staff is important in every

step. is a family believing in the progress of film, and the Arts. For over 15 years his staff has work tirelessly helping build award winning Videos for both Weddings, and business. He believes in the soul purpose of producing top notch videos, while coming
in under budget. We know that you will be elated with our work here at  

Christian Jaggli

​Creative Director,

& Post Production designer

Shane Dawson

Production Manager

Sal Gonzalez


& Post Production editor

Jean Gonzalez

Script Writer & Voice Overs



​We have produced hundreds of Videos in Southern California,  Amazing Full Length Wedding Videos.

Our specialty now includes Wedding Photography that's Stunning. We can make your

Wedding Video & Photography all you could wish for!

Affordable Wedding Videos in Riverside, Orange County, and L. A.
​Wedding Videos & Photos to Fit Your Budget, wedding videos, Inland  Empire in Riverside, Orange County, San Bernardino, Los Angles

We have been winning awards for Wedding Videos for over 6 years. We love what we do, and how our Wedding Couples

are so excited with our finish product. It is so much fun to experience the Passion and Love in the air at Your Wedding.

Christian Jaggli has been one of the true inspirations when comes to creativity, his many talents separates us from most Videography teams. He is truly a star in his on way, Christian, graduated from FDIM in Los Angeles, one of the top design schools in the country,cum-late. His understanding of framing, and perspective allows to excel in picture perfect Videos. His Marketing & Advertising Concepts have placed our Business Videos in front of our Business clients markets, with Web analysis, and tried,and true Marketing disciplines, For

Shane Dawson is great to work with; he always has a good word, even when he wants you to change a clip. Shane is also the voice on some of are videos. Shane is detailed oriented, he spots how to make our videos works of art. We are fortunate to have him as our production manager. He is truly a part of our family, here at 2015 is going to be a exciting year here. Shane will bring a positive spin and improve our over all product line. Shane is dedicated to create the finest videos for our clients, at

​​​Call for Appointment or Information ask for Sal